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Appendix I.

Cutting Key-ways in Wheel Bosses.—Usually the
wheel is for this purpose laid horizontally on the table of a
slotting machine, as in Fig. 742 ; and if taper be required, the
boss is set at an inclination of i in 64 by packing at D. The
clamps c and bolts D then hold the work securely. The cutting
tool is sketched at F. It is now the custom in some shops to
make the key-ways and keys perfectly parallel, but a very good fit
with each other : a bursting pressure is thus avoided.



\    i


* P. 289. Hydraulic v. Electrical Transmission.— In
the discussion on the President's address before the N. E. Coast
Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders, October i6th, 1894,
Mr. Tweddell says : ' Any remarks on the economy due to
hydraulic transmission apply with equal force to electrical trans-
mission. As the laws affecting both systems are almost identical,
the question resolves itself into a matter of suitability for certain
tasks, and as hydraulic pressure is suitable for intermittent work
or for rectilinear motions, and not so suitable for rotary motions,
it follows that a combination of the two systems .... is exactly
what is wanted.'

¥ P. 328. Electric Welding.—An interesting paper was read
Jbefore the same Institution on February i2th, 1895, by Mr. Henry
Foster, in which he described the methods adopted at the New-
burn steel works. The f Benardos' process was used, in principle